Ritual Experiment, Day 2: Chill Out, Man.

Uhh…. I screwed up.

So basically, when I read cards of any sort, I take any that literally “jump out at me” as being a sign that those cards are to be used. The Forces That Be and I have this agreement that I’ll pay attention to whatever falls out of the pack, especially if it happens to be the exact amount of cards that I’m looking to draw.

So after a decent amount of shuffling, three cards fall out of the deck. The same three I drew yesterday. I turn them over in the same order. Except upside down.


So I take this as a not-so-subtle message that entering ritual space while being completely pissed off from a fight you just had with your husband is a less than ideal circumstance. Noted. And of course the reverse meanings of the cards were all about “going against the flow of life’s path”, et cetera, et cetera. Okey doke, Kindreds. Message received loud and clear.



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