We Are Still Missing the Point.

I have an issue to vent here.

It’s about all the posts that come up this time of year about the “War on Christmas” or the fact that Pagans/Jews/Buddhists/Some Small Tribe in Africa are being marginalized by the prevalence of Christianity and its celebration of Christmas.

The truth is, we Pagans are the minority. Christmas is what is celebrated in this area, for the most part, and to deny that fact is just kind of out of step with reality. Why do we need to get butthurt about it? Truthfully, we’re all celebrating the season for the same reason, more or less (the birth of the Son/sun), so why can’t we just accept goodwill from people? If someone wishes you a Merry Christmas, why can’t we just be like, cool! Thanks! Same to you!?

Rarely in this world do we genuinely receive wishes of ANYTHING positive, especially from complete strangers. Why can’t we just alchemically transfer “Merry Christmas” into “have a good day”? Or “have a good *whatever it is you celebrate*”? Why do people have to dumb it down into “Happy Holidays” so people won’t get offended?

One of our greatest strengths as human beings are our differences. It makes us into the prismatic, beautiful, multicoloured beings of God(s)’s creation that we are. Our differences are what gives us each something rare and wonderful. Why can’t we just respect that in each other?

It’s hard being a Pagan in a Christian world. I know. I’m really annoyed by Christmas music. I hate the materialism of the whole holiday. I hate the fact that my mother had the decorations up a month ago. But you know what? It gives her fucking JOY to get that dust collector red and green shit out. And that, my dear friends, is what the season is about.




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