Don’t Be Alarmed…

I’m merely using my current situation as inspiration for material. 

I’m pretty fucking sad. LOL. Whatever. At least I get a poem out of it I guess. 
Can anyone hear this?
I’m alone in the abyss
Comforted only by my own echo.
Hollow and sunken,
My head has been blown in,
Not sure how much lower I can go. 
Becoming a quitter,
Who will be my pinch hitter?
I’m not sure I care anymore. 
You’ve got to be loud,
When you’re alone in the crowd,
Painfully slowly, falling to the floor. 
Time has been frozen,
Where has my mind been?
Lines under my eyes belie my age. 
Too delicate for this world…
My life not yet unfurled,
Will I ever have the wellness to turn the page?

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